Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Double Digits

My twins are 10!! Happy Birthday!!

We took the kids to Minneapolis/St. Paul this past weekend to show them where they were born and where we lived the first couple years of their life.  It was our first trip back there since we moved 8 years ago! It was a beautiful weekend, 80 degrees and sunny on Saturday and Sunday! Of course we woke up Monday morning and it was 50 degrees, rainy, and windy - the type of weather you might expect in October in Minnesota.

We walked around the apartment complex where we first lived and where Drew lived the first 4 days he was home from the hospital.  We moved to the duplex the day Faye came home from the hospital - it was a crazy time and I was so sleep deprived my memories are a little fuzzy.  We jumped out of the van and snapped a picture in front of the house - the kids were a little worried someone would come out and wonder what we were doing, but no one chased us away.

We also went to the Mall of America. The boys were so worried we were going shopping, and were a little discouraged, until we got there and they saw the place. We only went into 3 stores the whole time we were there - but we did have lunch and smoothies and ride some roller coasters. Faye rode her very first upside down roller coaster! I still can't believe she wanted to try it!

We did lots of other sight seeing, but I think the favorite part of the trip for the kids was the hotel. They loved the free breakfast, where they ate plate after plate of potatoes, fruit, pastries, french toast, and had hot cocoa. They loved the free drink/snacks in the evening(Andy and I did too!). They especially LOVED the pool and hot tub. I think they could have stayed at the hotel all 4 days, never left, and been extremely happy.

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