Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby Robin & Mandalas

A robin made her nest in our pine tree right outside our kitchen window, with 4 beautiful robin eggs. We kept checking the nest and one day noticed the baby robins had hatched. Unfortunately only one baby robin survived as the rest fell out of the nest. The momma robin (named Jenna by our kids) took great care of the baby(named Peep), bringing it worm after worm, and I just noticed today that the baby has left its nest after less than two weeks. They grow so quickly!

Here is a mandala I crocheted for Yarndale, a yarn festival in North Yorkshire. Last year Lucy from Attic 24 coordinated a massive crocheted bunting for Yarndale. This year she has asked for crocheters to send in a mandala for a display at Yarndale.  The colors in my photo don't really show the true colors, but since my mandala is already on the way to North Yorkshire, I can't take a new photo. Mandalas are a very quick project and a great way to use up leftover pieces of yarn...I'm making more for no reason at all!

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