Saturday, December 14, 2013

Busy week for Faye

Faye has had a very busy week. She was in the school spelling bee and had her very first piano recital! I'm very proud of all her hard work. Students had the option to try out for the spelling bee, and of course she wanted to try! They gave the students a quiz of 50 words and picked the top 13 students for the spelling bee. Faye was one of two 3rd graders who made it!

Faye did very well in the spelling bee, making it to round 9 I believe. She won't move on, only the top two move on to the next round, and she finished 4th.  She correctly spelled bumpy, yonder, gangster, kinsman, travesty, porosity, annihilation, & roustabout. She missed the word 'aphasia'. It was a word from the 9th grade list, and we never made it that far studying. If she had studied it I have no doubt she would have correctly spelled it. We went over the 8th grade words the night before the spelling bee, and she learned porosity and annihilation. She has a brilliant little mind and never forgets anything! I had to look up how to pronounce some of the words on her list - there were some difficult words!

Ready for her recital
Faye started taking piano lessons in October from Mary Novak. She is the sweetest teacher and I am so glad we found her. Faye loves playing the piano, and comes downstairs first thing every morning and plays a song or two in her pajamas. 

Practice before the recital
The recital was at Praire State College. She was able to play on a Steinway piano, which she was very excited about! She played Deck the Halls, and Rondino.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Angel

Steve decided to make snow angels in our Rice Krispies this morning. He's really causing some trouble and making messes this year! The kids' theory is that he is being terrible because they injured him last year. One day last year he was sitting on our light fixture - a light fixture we NEVER use. One of the kids decided to turn the light on and burnt one leg completely off and the other was almost off. He had a little elf surgery though, which is why he has a bandage, and he is back for mischief this year!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Elf Mischief

 Our Elf Steve is back! He is definitely up to no good this year...