Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camping with Kids


We took the kids on a camping trip over the weekend.  Its been a long time since we've been camping with kids( I think it was Father's Day 2010?).  I forgot how stressful it can be. Andy and I (and Velvet) used to love to camp. It was so relaxing and we love the outdoors. Our last big camping trip was in the fall of 2003 before kids.  We drove down to Alabama, camped all along the coast, ending up at a campground on the beach near Corpus Christi, Texas. We only planned to stay a night or two in Texas, but we loved it so much I think we stayed a week before heading home.  It was the best! 

It is not quite as relaxing with kids.  They get dirty... really really dirty. Like lets throw muddy rocks into the river and then wipe our muddy hands all over ourselves. Or lets take off our shoes and play in the gravel and look for treasure (garbage others have left behind). It just happened that this campground we stayed at this weekend (Kankakee River State Park)did not have real bathrooms or showers.  Not a good thing with little dirty kids! There is only so much you can get clean with a paper towel. There was a really nice bike/walking trail running all along the north side of the river.  But the kids kept wanting to veer off the main path onto some smaller overgrown trails. Fun, yes, but poison ivy? I was really nervous the kids would all end up covered head to toe in poison ivy.  The kids ended up with a bunch of bug bites, but no poison ivy.  We will probably camp again, but with kids - I will make sure there are showers next time!

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