Sunday, June 9, 2013


Yesterday we were invited to Lake Geneva to celebrate Andy's grandparents 65th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary George and Neva! 65 years is amazing!

Andy's grandparents invited everyone to stay for the weekend, but unfortunately we were only able to go up for the day because our dog hasn't been feeling well.  It was probably for the best anyways, as the Inn looked really nice and probably isn't meant for 3 wild little kids. Andy asked me on the way home if he thought we'd make it to 65 years.  We've been married for 11 years now, which already seems like we've been together forever, but it is a long way to 65! We married young enough that it is possible though.

The kids had a great time - and actually weren't too poorly behaved on this trip. Faye asked me to fix her hair before we left, and I came up with this, which I think turned out beautiful.  Once she started playing tag with the boys it got a little messy.

The kids enjoyed seeing the lake, although I was a little worried one of them would end up in the lake before too long(two of my kids LOVE water), so we kept them away for the most part. 

Cutting the cake

Alex wore himself out playing tag - he fell asleep on the way home and we had a hard time getting him to wake up. This kid can really sleep anywhere...

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