Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Magnolia tree

When we moved in last summer I had no idea what this tree was - I never even thought about it being a magnolia tree! I just noticed it blooming about two days ago, although it could have been blooming longer, since I hardly ever go on that side of our house.  While its not as big and beautiful as some I've seen around town, it was a very nice surprise!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three months

I just realized it has been three months since my last blog post. This time of year I get really out of sorts. I blame it on the lack of sunshine, and this spring has been especially dreary.  We've had record amounts of rainfall in the Chicago area this April, along with very cold temperatures, and even last night the forecast said snowflakes were possible.  Added to that I still feel like I'm trying to get the hang of things since our move, and I'm just not 'getting' it yet.  I assumed Faye and Drew would have a difficult time moving away from all their friends, but they adjusted very quickly.  Alex and I have had the worst time adjusting, but things are slowly starting to feel more normal for both of us.  As for Andy - who knows? I think as long as he has a computer in front of him he is comfortable.

 The last 3 months:

  • I've had terrible allergies - sinus issues that give me terrible headaches and earaches. I now take a Claritin D every morning and use my Neti pot religiously.  I feel a little like a criminal when buying the claritin - you have to show your drivers license and sign some paperwork.  Its too bad people abuse this stuff and make people like me who need it for actual allergies have to go through all that. But my allergies are now under control and I feel pretty good most days.
  • Drew is now seeing an orthodontist.  He had ridiculously tiny baby teeth, and now there is no room for his adult teeth.  He is getting a bonded RPE(rapid palatal expander) in a couple weeks. Eventually he'll also have a couple brackets on his front teeth to correct a cross bite.
  • We actually had decent weather on Easter.  We stayed with Andy's parents and the kids had a lot of fun flying kites. Karen made a lamb cake - someone( I won't name names) taught the kids to stick a knife in the cake and drip strawberry juice on the lamb. Maybe the kids shouldn't really be vegetarians?...although I don't think they did that this year.
  • Andy and I visited our rental property the day before Easter. The dishwasher was broke - turned out to be a clogged drain so it was an easy fix.  However, the place was a  dirty mess, filthy carpet, with a cat in the basement(not using its litter box) and a pit bull(or some sort of mix) living in the house.  No pets are allowed...We're not sure what we're going to do with it once they move out, but hopefully we'll be able to clean it up and sell it.
  • I got a new vacuum. My very first brand new vacuum. Thank you Andy! I know it was a slick deal or I wouldn't have it, but it works great and I've been vacuuming almost daily(sometimes twice a day - maybe).  Its a Dyson DC33. Now I just need new carpet to go with it.
  • Our dog Velvet got really sick. She's feeling a little better now, but she hasn't fully recovered yet and I'm not sure if she will. She'll be 13 next month.
  • I've been spending a lot of time knitting.  I've made a ton of washcloths and just finished up my very first lacy project. I had a really cute model!
  • Faye wants to join the swim team. We went for a swim evaluation and she was a little rusty, so she'll do a swim class or two first.  It has been about a year since her last lesson. 
  • Alex is finally starting to relax and talk a little at preschool.  He celebrated his un-birthday this week! Kindergarten registration is next week - is he really that old already?

I'll try not to wait 3 more months before my next blog post... but who knows?