Monday, December 3, 2012

Powder Room

Over the past few weeks we've been working on redoing our powder room.  It had some funky wallpaper and some really funky smelling carpet.  It was just gross.  I started slowly by removing the wallpaper, a little bit each day.  It was a messy job, but since the room is so small (about 30 sq. feet), it wasn't terribly difficult.  The worst part was removing the wallpaper from the ceiling.  Andy helped me with that, but he hated every moment.  Next Andy had to smooth the walls. Under the layer of wallpaper that we removed was another layer of textured wallpaper that had been painted over.  It looked very old so it could have been the original wallpaper. Yeah, we were not going to remove that.  

We decided we would put in ceramic tiles for our floor, so Andy decided he would shut off the water valves to the sink in case we needed to remove the sink to adjust the height.  Well, the valves were so corroded they wouldn't turn, and then a few minutes later I hear water and Andy shouting, "Shut off the water!"  Of course I don't know where to shut off water to the house, but I do now. If you don't know this, you should probably figure it out(it could come in handy sometime). Luckily the pipe broke just behind the sink, and Andy was able to fix it quite easily, but he did have to cut a hole in the wall.

It was our very first time putting in tiles, and it took us all day, but I think it turned out really nice!  

Here is the before picture...

And here it is after...

We kept everything that was in here before, with the exception of a new toilet. The old toilet had a small hairline crack near the base, so that worried me. I loved the towel bar that was in here, but it was gold, so I painted it satin nickel.  I painted the shelf to match.  I do want to replace the light(and maybe the mirror too) and I have a new light picked out, but since we went over the budget with the plumbing issues, we'll replace that later.

I think we may need a new blind too, but for now it works.

 Look - no funky wallpaper on the ceiling!

Its not perfect or probably even wonderful, but if you had seen and smelled the bathroom before, you would say this was amazing! We still have a few minor things to finish, like the hole in the wall under the sink, and some caulking(which I absolutely hate), but I am very happy to have this project almost behind us! One bathroom down, two more to go!!

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