Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Alex had a rough start to Halloween.  He was very excited about his Halloween party at preschool, but once he got there he didn't want to be there.  He sat in the hallway and refused to go in his classroom or take off his coat.  I wasn't going to force the kid to attend a party, so back home we went. He also decided he wasn't going to be Pikachu.  Of course not, now that we have the costume. He was informed that I won't be buying him a new costume next year since he wouldn't wear the costume I bought him this year.  But as trick or treating time came, Alex got a little more excited.  Who doesn't love candy?  I think his face says it all! He would look into his pumpkin basket full of candy and say, "Mmmm, candy!"

Faye and Drew had a Halloween parade at school.  I did not get myself into a good spot(I had to shoot between heads) so it was difficult to take pictures, but I got a couple.

We ran out of candy for trick or treaters in less than an hour(and I had a ton of candy).  I had to turn a couple kids away, and I felt terrible. It was a very busy night on our street. Next year I'll have to buy more candy, a lot more!  My kids went out for less than an hour and almost filled their pumpkins...

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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