Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Fireplace

We've finally had the chance to have a fire in our fireplace this week.  Two in fact!  

I have been so anxious to use our fireplace, but first I wanted to have it cleaned and inspected to be sure it was safe. I called Southwest Fireplace in Frankfort a couple weeks ago and they made it out early this week. They were really nice and we were very happy with them. Everything was looking good - so we had a fire Thursday and Friday night! The previous owners left some firewood so we've been using that, but I've been pricing firewood at several places and will probably have more delivered - just in case. I may never leave the house all winter!


Billie Jo Henson said...

Love it! That is a beautiful fireplace Steph! Now you wont need your slippers that heat up because you will be parked right next to the cozy fire :)

Stephanie said...

Unfortunately I exploded my heat-up slippers a few years ago - too much use I think. But my feet are nice and toasty with our underfloor radiant heat and fireplace. I LOVE it!