Monday, October 8, 2012


Andy signed the kids up for hockey - all 3 kids!

Alex being a tough hockey player!

I was a little skeptical that all 3 kids would get out there and try hockey.  We have one kid (Faye) who will try anything and always tries her best.  The other two are more leery of trying new things, but we told them we expect them to try their best.  
They practice at 4pm on Sundays, so we started getting them ready around 3pm, and we made it just in time!  There is a lot of hockey equipment to put on, but at least they gave us instructions for how to put everything on the kids.  
Faye already knew how to skate(sort of) from taking previous skating lessons so she was a step ahead of some kids. Drew figured it out pretty quick, and also learned that with all the pads on if he slid forward it wouldn't hurt a bit. He would skate as fast as he could to the other side and slide to stop.  It was a little wild. Alex had the most trouble, which I figured he would.  He couldn't stand up on the skates. They had the little kids in the middle trying to help them, and they showed Alex how to stand up.  He made it up once, then fell over, and then he gave up.  I think he's pretty little for hockey, so maybe another year.

Alex is in the purple jersey sitting on the ice

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HRamsey said...

This is too cute! I love Alex's tough face. I'm sure watching Faye and Drew will give him motivation to get out there!