Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The night before...

Tomorrow morning is sure to be a busy time, so I had all the kids, Velvet too, try on their costumes and pack their backpacks.  Drew could not decide what to be this year, so he is going as Mario again.  He's grown some - notice his pants, ahem.  Hopefully no one will notice and give him a hard time.  I'm having him wear blue pants underneath tomorrow so I hope that helps some. Alex wanted to be Pikachu from Pokemon.  We found the costume at a Halloween store that charged us a ridiculous amount for a very cheaply made costume with a hard plastic mask.  I decided to order the Pikachu hat he is wearing on Amazon and he is much happier and more comfortable now. 

Faye is Hermoine from Harry Potter. I've known for over a year that she would be Hermoine, but of course I waited until the 20th of October to start knitting her a Gryffindor scarf.  I'm not sure why I waited, but I had to knit like crazy to get this done.  I used this pattern with a few adjustments to make it smaller and it turned out really nice!  I bought 2 skeins of Autumn red and 1 skein of Sunshine yellow yarn for a total cost of around $10, with enough yellow left over to make the other Gryffindor scarf (which I just started).  It was quite a project to take on 10 days before Halloween, but I'm very happy with it.

Velvet is sticking with her bumblebee costume this year.  She loves getting her picture taken now.  I tell her where to sit, take her photo, and then she gets a treat.  She's got the hang of it now at 12 1/2 years old and will get in on the photos without me asking her - she'll do anything for a doggie cookie!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hockey Update

I took a few more pictures at hockey this afternoon. Alex is not playing hockey any longer, but I think that is for the best. He's a little young and the older kids definitely get more out of hockey. Maybe he will try again in a couple years.  Drew and Faye are doing really well - its amazing how quickly kids learn to skate.  Drew still doesn't know how to stop, but he either slides or runs into the wall and that seems to work so far. They still spend a good amount of time falling down and getting back up, but each week they really improve.

They are both loving hockey and having a great time!  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


At least half if not more of our house is wallpapered.  Some of it could even date back to the 60's.  I sometimes feel like we've stepped back in time, living in this house with everything so dated, and Andy off at work while I'm at home cooking and cleaning.

The powder room bathroom may have the newest wallpaper, but it is my(and Andy's) least favorite.  We also need to redo the floor because someone had the bright idea to put carpet in the bathroom and it stinks! They also didn't even bother to attach the carpet to anything so it moves around.  Wallpaper removal first...

I worked for about two hours to get this small section of wallpaper removed.  It came off fairly easy.  I score the paper with a wallpaper scoring tool, then soak the wall with a mixture of fabric softener and warm water.  Then I drink some coffee and wait a bit, scrape it off, and start all over again.

Did I mention that they also wallpapered the ceiling? I'm saving that part for Andy because I'm nice like that.  In about a month(hopefully) I should be finished and I'll post some new photos.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Fireplace

We've finally had the chance to have a fire in our fireplace this week.  Two in fact!  

I have been so anxious to use our fireplace, but first I wanted to have it cleaned and inspected to be sure it was safe. I called Southwest Fireplace in Frankfort a couple weeks ago and they made it out early this week. They were really nice and we were very happy with them. Everything was looking good - so we had a fire Thursday and Friday night! The previous owners left some firewood so we've been using that, but I've been pricing firewood at several places and will probably have more delivered - just in case. I may never leave the house all winter!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Preschool Field Trip

Alex had his preschool field trip this morning to The Children's Farm in Palos. It was a little chilly this morning, but when the sun was shining it was nice.

The kids went on a guided tour through the farm. They got to pet chickens, cows, piglets, lambs(named Ringer, Rosie & Posie), goats, and donkeys.

They also each got a turn holding a chick and a baby duck. 

They finished the trip with a hay rack ride around the farm, stopping to pick out a pumpkin. Alex had a great time!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Andy signed the kids up for hockey - all 3 kids!

Alex being a tough hockey player!

I was a little skeptical that all 3 kids would get out there and try hockey.  We have one kid (Faye) who will try anything and always tries her best.  The other two are more leery of trying new things, but we told them we expect them to try their best.  
They practice at 4pm on Sundays, so we started getting them ready around 3pm, and we made it just in time!  There is a lot of hockey equipment to put on, but at least they gave us instructions for how to put everything on the kids.  
Faye already knew how to skate(sort of) from taking previous skating lessons so she was a step ahead of some kids. Drew figured it out pretty quick, and also learned that with all the pads on if he slid forward it wouldn't hurt a bit. He would skate as fast as he could to the other side and slide to stop.  It was a little wild. Alex had the most trouble, which I figured he would.  He couldn't stand up on the skates. They had the little kids in the middle trying to help them, and they showed Alex how to stand up.  He made it up once, then fell over, and then he gave up.  I think he's pretty little for hockey, so maybe another year.

Alex is in the purple jersey sitting on the ice

Friday, October 5, 2012

Velvet's New Trick

Velvet learned a new trick this week...

We've been working on it all week, and it took her awhile to get, but she has it down pretty well now.  I won't be too surprised if we're all in bed sleeping and we hear the bell ringing downstairs, with Velvet waiting for a treat.  We got her the bell so she can tell us when she wants in the house without scratching the door, but she didn't want anything to do with the bell.  Now that she knows how to ring it, I just have to teach her to ring it when she wants to come inside.  

Faye took the video - it was a little dark so hopefully we can get another video tomorrow when it is light outside.