Monday, September 3, 2012


Volvo hitched a ride in/under Grandma and Grandpa's Volvo the other day.  They are not sure where he was picked up, but it was either in Washington or Bloomington.  Isn't he the cutest kitten ever?! (We think the kitten is probably a he) He was a little nervous when we first got to Grandma and Grandpa's house and unexpectedly met him, but he soon adjusted to the kids and I think he loved all the attention he got from them. They made toys, had grandpa build stairs and a slide, and held him as much as he would let them.

Faye especially loved this kitten, and a few tears were shed when we had to leave, without the kitten. I love kittens, but I don't know if I love cats.  Plus we have Velvet, so I'm not sure we're ready for another pet.  Velvet was not sure what to think of this kitten, but she was very interested.  She walked around and smelled him, then walked by to smell him again, and the kitten scratched her.  She stayed back a little from then on - I think this tiny kitten scared her! Velvet is not great with people, but she loves animals, and I think she was a little upset the kitten didn't like her.

If anyone is looking to adopt a kitten, he is very very cute, very friendly, and needs a good home!  I think he could probably even adjust to being around dogs.

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