Saturday, August 4, 2012

Metra Adventure

We finally took the kids on their first Metra ride today! What an adventure! I've been wanting to take them on the train for the past month, and they've asked me a billion times, but it just hasn't happened. We live less than 2 blocks from the station, and Andy rides daily, so you would think it would be easy.  Kids ride free on the weekend, I can ride all weekend for $7, and Andy has his monthly pass, so it is only $7 for us to ride anywhere we want all weekend long!

We didn't have plans for what we would do or even where we would get off the train.  The train had some issues and we were stopped for about 20 minutes, but soon we were back on our way.  Since Lollapalooza was this weekend in Grant Park, we decided that we should avoid the downtown area with the kids and get off the Metra in Hyde park and walk by the Museum of Science and Industry to the beach. We thought about going to the museum, but the kids wanted to see the beach!

There were some pretty big waves in Lake Michigan, and despite both me and Andy telling the kids not to get their clothes wet because we didn't have spare clothes, they all got their clothes wet. Oh well, what can you expect?

We had a snack at Promontory Point, before heading back home.

I think we wore Alex out. He fell asleep on the train! He didn't get much of a nap though.  By the time we got off the train the sky was dark, lightning was lighting up the sky and it was starting to sprinkle.  We took off running for home, but only made it half a block before it started pouring.  Alex woke up from the rain and ran home with us, but we were all soaked.  The kids loved it and declared it the best day ever!

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