Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our New House

I'm back! It has been a very long time since I've blogged and so much has happened. I haven't been sitting around watching TV, vacationing, or anything like that, although I could use a little bit of both.  We've been very busy - moving to the Chicago-land area!

Moving is such a stressful, exhausting ordeal, and we have not had much good luck. Anything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong, but how long does bad luck last? Hopefully we've had our share and things will start to go our way soon.

We had a wonderful Realtor who showed us some really beautiful homes, and then we saw this one.  It needs some updating, but the location and the yard had us sold!  The roof was the biggest problem.  It had 3 layers and was falling apart. We worked out a deal for the roof and the house was ours!

We absolutely love our yard.  It is rather large(around half an acre) and the backyard is very private which we all love! The kids have spent hours and hours already playing outside.  Luckily for Andy(or more likely me) the weather has been hot and dry otherwise he would be spending hours and hours mowing the yard with our little reel mower!  

Closing day- old roof
New roof





Tandem Garage - have you ever seen one?


Bathroom Tiles -???

If anyone would like to have this skull, it is yours!


Jadon Ulrich said...

I want the skull. I should have grabbed it while I was there!

Stephanie said...

You can get it next time - creeps me out!

Stephanie said...
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