Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet Steve

Steve is our elf... our Elf on a Shelf!  Steve (named by the kids) decided to make a short appearance this summer to check up on the kids and report back to Santa. He watches over the kids during the day, flies back to Santa at the North Pole at night, and ends up in a different location each morning for the kids to find. The main rule ... the kids can't touch Steve the elf or he'll lose his magic.

Steve the elf came with a book explaining everything. Of course the older kids have a hard time believing this whole story, but they've had fun with it whether or not they actually believe this is all possible. They made a book for Steve, drew pictures of him, and I even heard several "I'm sorry's" to each other during the day.

Steve will be on his way back to the North Pole soon, but will reappear closer to the holidays to watch over the kids, report to Santa, and probably cause a little mischief!

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