Thursday, December 29, 2011

Short but sweet

We had a short Christmastime this year.  Normally Andy would have at least two weeks off of work, but since he just started a new job he actually has to be at work.  He was home for 3 days, then back to Chicago for work.  

The kids and I spent Christmas Eve making sugar cookies. I baked and frosted, and they decorated.  They did a really good job this year, because I told them once we were done we could eat some. They were very motivated to help. 

Christmas morning Santa brought Faye a new Harry Potter book. It was the very first thing she opened, and I think she could have cared less about opening any other presents.  She had READING to do(she is over half-way done in 2 days)!

I think Velvet was wondering why we were all up so early.  As much as she loves getting presents, she likes to sleep in.  Check out that yawn!

Legos (and of course Mario toys) for the boys...
A beautiful Barbie...

And a new camera for me! 

Andy gave me a Nikon D5100, which I used (Andy took a few of them) to take all these pictures. I have no idea what I am doing, but I've read more about photography in the past 5 days than I have in my life. Apertures, ISO, shutter speed, metering, white balance, depth of field, oh my! I didn't even realize how little I know about taking pictures, but I'm determined to figure this out. Give me about a year or so.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Songs by Alex

The kids have made my aerobic step into a mini stage. Here is Alex singing his favorite song from preschool, 5 Little Hot Dogs...

He also sang his ABC's, which I think is the first time I have him singing the ABC's on video.

Alex's preschool holiday party was this morning, and he sang a song for us.  I wish I could have been on the other side to get a better video, but you can sort of see him singing.

Making a craft with Grandma

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rudolph Cupcakes

Our morning project...

Rudolph cupcakes
Alex LOVED helping me make these. They look a little wonky because a 3 year old helped, but I think Faye and Drew will still eat them. The most difficult part was trying to break the pretzels into antler-like pieces, but otherwise it was a very simple project.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Candy wrappers

At dinner last night:

Me: Does anyone know anything about the candy wrappers under my bed?
Alex: Not me (immediately looking very guilty)
Kids: What candy wrappers?
Me: I found lots of empty candy wrappers under my bed when I was vacuuming.
Kids: It wasn't me.
Alex: Not me (still looking really guilty)
Me: Was it you Alex?
Alex: No.
Me: Well, who was it then?
Alex: Mmm. I don't know. Probably Velvet.
Drew: Alex, I know it was you, I saw you taking candy upstairs.
Alex: Drew, don't say that. I don't want mom to know it was me.
Kids: Alex!! (laughing hysterically)
Me: Alex, you know you shouldn't have done that.
Alex: I know mom, but it was so good!

I need to rethink this stocking advent calendar thing.  Way too tempting for a 3 year old!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Fun Snowflakes

A project from the magazine Family Fun...

They were simple and quick and only required 3 items: glue, cotton swabs, and glitter. Alex needed a little help with his snowflake, but I think a 4 year old could do this without much help. The only messy part is glitter, but I don't mind a little glitter around the house.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Music concert

Faye and Drew had a music concert at school a few weeks ago.  I should not have been taking the video, because I was laughing and shaking the camera all over the place, so ignore the shaking camera if you can.  But it was really cute and the kids all did a great job!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blue shirts

I love to re-purpose clothing and fabric.  I'm having a hard time taking any clothing, curtains, sheets, etc. to Goodwill, because as soon as I decide it needs to go, I think, oh, I could make something with that.  I have lots of could be somethings sitting around in boxes now, waiting to become something new. And with our upcoming move, I don't really need any extra boxes.

One of my favorite fabrics to re-purpose is men's dress shirts.  The fabric is soft from being worn and washed, and no matter the size, there is a lot of fabric in a long sleeved dress shirt. Previously Andy did not dress up for work, so I only had some goodwill shirts to work with. Andy's dad wears a blue shirt to work every day(I think), so I mentioned I'd be glad to take the worn out ones, and now I have some great fabric!

I made this stocking advent calendar for the kids with one of Grandpa's blue shirts and some clearance Christmas fabric.

I got the idea from a book or magazine I was browsing in the library. I thought it would be cute to put a little toy or chocolate in each day for the kids, but I had no idea it would be such a hit with the kids. First thing they do every morning is check to see what is in the stocking.