Monday, November 7, 2011

While waiting - I knit

We're expecting a phone call tomorrow that could change a lot of things for us.  Andy and I have been talking about it for a long time, and especially the past couple days.  I'm really stressed out, sometimes waking up and finding it difficult to breathe, let alone go back to sleep(I'm a worrier, I'm sure not everyone would be as stressed as me). I'm sure I'll have more to say about this later, but for now I'm trying to keep my mind off of it until we know more.

What do I do when I'm stressed?  I have to find something to do, something to keep me busy and hold my concentration. This time, my project is knitting a sweater.  I have to say that I am not a knitter.  I've knit two scarves, so knitting a sweater was a rather risky next step, but the whole reason I want to learn to knit is so I can knit sweaters, so I might as well get started.

I picked this pattern from Quince and Co. for several reasons.  It looked like it might be simple to knit, and I really liked it. I didn't use the yarn suggested, but I went to the local yarn shop, Klose Knit, and they helped me pick a similar yarn.

As of right now, I'm on attempt number 3. I plan to get this done in 5 attempts or less, but it may very well take me 10 tries before its perfect.  My first try I completely read the pattern wrong.  My second time around I had figured out the pattern. I worked most of the body of the sweater, tried it on, and decided to alter the pattern a bit so it would fit me better. And no, I really don't know how to alter knitting patterns, I'm just winging it.  So here I am an attempt number 3....

This pullover sweater is worked from the top down on circular needles, with a bulky yarn, so it works up rather quickly.  The sleeves will be finished last, on double pointed needles, which I've yet to use, so I'm sure they'll take several attempts too.  If I ever finish this, and its wearable, I think I'll wear it all winter long.

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