Friday, October 14, 2011

Another sign

Faye made another sign for her room. This one she colored and taped on the outside of her door.  Life with two little brothers can be difficult at times(I sometimes wish I could tape a sign on my door too)! Too bad one of them can't read, but I think he's been told several times what it says.  I did notice there is a girl on her sign as well, so maybe I am also banned from her room? She is crazy about reading, comes home from school, goes up to her room, closes her door, and reads. She'll stay in her room all afternoon/evening reading if we let her.  She actually gets in trouble for reading sometimes - there is such a thing as too much reading!

I try to keep the boys busy with things to keep them out of trouble - and here is one thing we worked on last weekend.

Drew got this Mario puzzle from Grandma for his birthday.  He was driving me crazy asking me when we could put it together, so we finally dragged our card table upstairs and we started working on it.  I don't think he understood that it would take awhile to make it, being 550 pieces.  But with all the bright colors, it only took us two days to complete it.  He was really good at picking out the right pieces, and it kept him busy for several hours, so we may try another puzzle. Or if I know Drew, he'll want to put this one together again.  

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Billie Jo Henson said...

I am catching up on your blogs and this one had me laughing out loud! I love her signs! I also thought the same thing you did "can I have a sign too for my room"! Her love for reading comes from her Mother. I remember you read books all the time and I thought you were crazy for it. I now enjoy a good book and understand why you like it so much :)