Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Soccer

This morning was the very first soccer game for team Galaxy.  They won 3-2!!

It was a beautiful morning for soccer. When we woke up it looked a little dreary, but it cleared up and was 70 degrees and sunny. I could tell Drew was a little nervous about his first game this morning, but once he got out there and going he did great and had fun! The second we got home he asked us if he could practice soccer in the yard.

Faye loves soccer! She did really good and seems to understand the difference between positions. I'm still trying to figure out all the rules. The team has 14 players, with 7 on the field at a time, so each kid plays two 10 minute quarters. Before the 3rd quarter started she was doing cartwheels on the field, but she stopped before the game started. Whew! Faye is number 11 and Drew is number 12.

Kicking the ball in

Faye going after the ball

I think they will both be looking forward to Saturday mornings after this wonderful morning of soccer!

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