Friday, September 23, 2011

Preschool picture

After two weeks of preschool, I finally got a picture of Alex.  Three of them! I think he is 'getting it' now, realizing that it is much more fun to be at school, playing with his friends, walking to the park, having a snack, than to be at home with me.  All we usually accomplish in the mornings are grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry.  Not very exciting stuff.

As soon as we walked into the school this morning(he was a little excited for school today, so he ran ahead and that's the only reason I was able to snap this picture), he had to peek into his classroom and see if Gwinnie and Gidget, the class guinea pigs, were there.  They were, and he was thrilled!

He signed his name on the sign up sheet -

And then checked his cubby to see if he had anything in there.  This is the place they put all their art work, but I haven't received any yet :( He loves to check it though, and spell out his name.

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