Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Lego's have taken over our house!!!

One day a couple weeks before school started, Drew got out his Lego sets and started building.  He sat quietly and worked on his Lego's for over two hours, and several days in a row. There are not many things that will hold his attention like this, so I mentioned this to Andy, and the Lego craziness began. Drew only had two or three small sets he got for his birthday or Christmas, but Andy had a few Star Wars Lego's I gave him when we were first dating/married. We dug all those out of boxes in the basement. 

Then about 10 days ago we got Andy's castle sets from when he was a kid, from his parents house.  But they were mixed up with all of his brothers Lego's.  So we brought all those to our house as well. We found all the castle Lego's and the instructions, but were missing all the instructions for his brothers' space Lego's.  Not a single instruction booklet for space Lego's, but there were clearly thousands of space Lego's in the boxes.

Andy and Drew started sorting through all the Lego's, looking for identifying pieces.  Here is what they've built so far(minus all the castle pieces except the big castle, which they are leaving out to play with):

As you can imagine, it takes quite a bit of time to look up Lego space sets on the computer, find the instructions, then sort through thousands of pieces, and build something.  Andy has been up until midnight every night working on this, and they are not even his Lego's!

The pile of Lego's seems to be getting smaller and smaller, and hopefully soon, they can be packaged up and sent back(should we just ship them to VA?), and I can have the kitchen counter back again. Those of you who know me well, know I don't like to have anything on the counter or the table.  Clutter really freaks me out! Lately(and quite often) Andy has been telling me, "You don't need to go to crazy town."

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