Saturday, September 24, 2011

Almost 7!

Yesterday Alex and I took cupcakes for Faye and Drew's class to celebrate their 7th birthday.  I can't believe my kids will be 7 tomorrow!  They were so excited for us to come to the classroom.  Drew said it was the best day of school ever! That could also be because the class won a toy party for being good, and Mrs. Henry told the kids they could bring a handheld electronic toy, such as a Nintendo, with parents permission.  That really made his day!

We passed out the cupcakes, and then sang to Drew and Faye. For this occasion only, they are allowed to stand on a chair while the class sings to them.  

Some of their friends wanted to get their picture taken after cupcake time. 

Drew and Kai
Faye and Lili
The 1st grade class is such a great class! We had a great afternoon celebrating their birthday!  Several of the kids told me the cupcakes were the best they ever had.  I do have the feeling that they probably say this any time they get sweets for special events, but I was glad everyone liked them. 

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