Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Faye's room

Every time I step into Faye's room, I always find something that makes me laugh or smile.  This girl absolutely loves to read, and it just amazes me every time I look at the piles of books in her room.  I clear this little nightstand off at least twice a week.  And yet, it somehow always manages to be overflowing with books.  She reads and reads and reads, to the point where we have to ask her to stop reading.  How many hours a day should a 6 year old spend reading? 

Here is a another view, in case you were wondering what exactly Faye is reading.  Right now she is reading the Harry Potter books (she's on number 3 and I've told her that is all she can read until she is older - any thoughts about that for those of you who are Harry Potter fans?), Nancy Drew, Junie B. Jones, which is her favorite but she can read one of those in about 20 minutes, and some other miscellaneous books. She's told me she loves mystery books. The strangest thing to me is Faye's method of reading books.  She will start one book, then another, then another, before going back and finishing something else. At any point in time she could be reading 5 or 6 books!  I don't know how she keeps them all straight, but she does and can tell you the story almost word for word.

This afternoon when I walked into her room I had a really good laugh. I saw this on her dry erase board...

Apparently the boys are no longer allowed in her room! 

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Karen said...

Don't forget...I have a big bag of Trixie Beldens she's welcome to read!