Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First grade

The first day of first grade was yesterday.  Its hard to believe we have first graders!! But I have to admit, after getting back from vacation a couple weeks ago I was ready for them to get back to school and get back on a normal schedule.  On several occasions before school started, they might still be in their pj's at lunch time, or even after.

Faye woke up yesterday at approximately 7:15.  By 7:20, she was dressed with her backpack on and standing by our back door ready for school, and school doesn't start until 8:45.  She was very excited to say the least! Drew was having a rough morning, nervous about school starting, although he would only say, "I don't want to go to school."

Here is the second picture I took...

Like I said, it was a rough morning for Drew.  The kids had a half day of school, and came out as happy as can be!  They have a great teacher this year, Mrs. Henry, and I've only just met her, but she seems like she knows what she's doing and loves it!  The class earned 7 marbles on the first day of school, and when the class gets to 15 marbles, they get an extra recess! Extra recess is huge to first graders! Drew was a lot more excited for school this morning!

Today the kids rode their bikes to school for the first time ever.  We have at least two busy streets to cross, which makes me very nervous, but they made it. It just took a little extra time waiting for the right moment to cross the street. Today is their first full day of school, so I tried to make a fun lunch for the kids, with a note even!  

I made them little heart pbj's, carrot/cucumber flowers, pears, corn puffs, and chocolate chip cookies, along with some almond milk. These are some of their favorite things!  I have lots more ideas for lunches this year, but we'll see how ambitious I am.  Making lunch every day can get old really quickly!

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