Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A car-less day (or two or three)

We've had a bit of bad car luck the past week at our house.  It all started with one of the kids dinging another car at soccer practice.  It just happened to be the car of one of their soccer teammates. The father saw the scratch, which was so minor we didn't even think anything of it, and confronted Andy, "What are you going to do about this?"  He was a little upset, to say the least.

Then on Sunday, one of the kids(the same one) decided to get into the driver's seat and pretend to drive. I got in to start the car, and there were all sorts of lights blinking and the car wouldn't do a thing.  So I asked the kid, "Were you up here pushing buttons or messing with stuff?" Of course I got the usual response, "I don't know." After some coaxing, the whole story, or at least most of it, came out.

Andy spent all Sunday evening trying to figure out the problem, and narrowed it down to a pin in the steering wheel breaking, probably from the kid turning the steering wheel too much and breaking the lock while the car was off.  The next step was taking off the steering column and putting in a new one! Let's hope he gets it back together correctly!

Since the car is not working, we've been biking to school and everywhere else we need to go. It is not far to school, 3 miles round-trip, but we have two busy roads to cross, which can make it challenging with three kids. Faye gets nervous crossing the busy streets, and I don't blame her, so she rode in the burley this morning.  The kids are doing great at school, and have earned a pj party already! They were so excited to wear pajama's to school, and they also got to bring a stuffed animal. They are loving 1st grade!

Drew is getting ready to bike to school in his Mario pj's.

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