Monday, July 25, 2011


What?!  That is usually the first word out of my mouth when my boys are alone for several minutes and then I go see what they are doing.  The next words usually out of my mouth I probably shouldn't repeat, so you can just use your imagination.

Drew has recently learned how to climb up our doorways, hallways, and anything else he can climb.  The first time I saw him doing this upstairs in the hallway I was a bit shocked, and he told me, "Well, I am a professional stuntman, Mom." What?!

I can understand the fun in climbing, and I'm pretty lenient about it, although I could do without all the dirty hand and footprints on our walls(which we made him clean up today). I also am not fond of Drew teasing his little brother by taking his toys and putting them on top of the door frames - he does know how to tease really well!

Today as Andy and I were making lunch, the boys were giggling in the other room, and then I heard Drew shout, "Alex is flying!"  OK, I had to go see about that one...

All I can say is Drew is one strong kid! He may look a little skinny, but he's solid muscle!

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Billie Jo Henson said...

LOL! Ok so I can totally see you face and jaw dropping on this one, but WOW. Did you heart skip a beat? They get this from their Dad right?