Sunday, July 31, 2011

We made it!

After 1100+ miles in two days, we made it to Treasure Island!  The kids did great on the trip, no whining or complaining from the backseat. I don't travel as well, as I don't like to sit for so long, and if I try to anything besides drive or look straight ahead in the passenger seat, I get really nauseous. Really nauseous, I can't even read too many billboards or I'm feeling it. There were a few complaints from me, but overall it was the best trip we've ever had with the kids.

Before we left the house, I made goodie bags for each kid with their name on it.  I got several little items, wrapped them in newspaper and put in their bags, along with some snacks like teddy bears and granola bars.  I wasn't sure how this would work, but it really entertained the kids.  About every 70 -100 miles the kids got to open a new gift. The gifts weren't anything spectacular and I didn't spend hardly any money. I put a pkg. of gum, chapstick, a small notebook for the kids to write/draw about vacation, a beach toy, a squinkie, a new pair of sunglasses, hand sanitizer, etc.  They really got a kick out of finding out what they would get next.  It also helped keep the car clean because the kids had a place to put all their stuff.

We stopped in Kentucky for Andy to take a final exam for one of his online classes.  Yeah, his professor wouldn't even consider letting him take it at a different time, it had to be Saturday at 12:00.  I was worried something weird would happen, either my laptop with 3G wouldn't work(which happens quite frequently), or we wouldn't be able to find free Wi-fi.   But it all worked out and he still has a perfect 4.0. Whew!

Eating subway while Andy takes his exam

We made it to Florida around lunch time today.  It was hot and steamy, about 98 degrees.  The traffic got crazy then, and by crazy I mean I was in the slow lane going 75-80 and getting passed by almost everyone.  It didn't take us long to make it to Treasure Island! Our hotel - a family owned place right on the beach.

While our room isn't fancy by any means, it is nice.  It is a two room suite with a kitchenette.  We have a double bed and twin bed in the bedroom, the couch in the living room pulls out to a double bed, and there is another sofa as well. It is roomy and clean, has a heated outdoor pool, and is just a short walk across the sand to the ocean!

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Billie Jo Henson said...

I was wondering about your beach vacation, I remembered you telling me you were looking. I am so glad you had a good trip there and you like everything. Enjoy your vacation. I love your bag of goodies idea, thanks for sharing :)