Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fueling the obsession

Shhh! I've started making a birthday present for Drew. I just hope I will be able to finish by September - if not it will have to be a Christmas present. And I won't be making just one, but two, since he shares a birthday with his twin sister. I haven't decided what I will make for Faye yet, and deciding and planning is the most time consuming. Well, almost.

As Andy tells me, I'm fueling his Mario obsession.  But how cool will it be to have an 8-bit Mario quilt?! I am sewing together hundreds of 2 1/2 inch squares(160 so far), and as you can tell my squares are not perfect.  Rats!  But I'm hoping a little 7 year old boy will look past all my errors and still love it. It really is more difficult than you can imagine to sew perfect lines with a 1/4 inch seam, press them all and then add more(and press again - it seems like I have my iron out ALL THE TIME) and have them match perfectly.  I will have to had a wide border around since this will not be large enough, so if you see anything that will go great with this, let me know.  I haven't picked anything out yet.

I've been doing a little embroidery lately(its an easy project I can throw in a bag and work on while at the park with the kiddos), so I told Drew to print out his favorite Mario coloring picture.  I traced it onto tissue paper, and have embroidered it on a pillow for him.  He said he wanted the pillow to be red, and I had just enough red cotton fabric leftover from the quilt.  He sat on the floor and watched me  - he was so excited.  I think it would have looked a little better if I used white fabric, but he wanted red so red it is! I finished it up this morning, so it will be waiting for him when he returns from Grandma's house! As you can see the red floss doesn't show up well against the red, especially in the picture, but in person you can see it much better.

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mrs. fisher's findings said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I would love for you to make my boys some! :)