Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bike tricks

Drew is almost as obsessed about biking as he is about Mario. He asks me all day long if he can go ride his bike. This week the kids are in gymnastics camp at the YMCA, so bike riding in the morning is out. But after lunch and a bit of relaxing on the sofa, they are all ready to bike!

Look - one hand mom!

Andy showed Drew how to ride without hands a few nights ago, and he quickly picked that up. By quickly I mean it took him a few laps around the park and he had it down. He's been figuring out his own stunts as well, like standing on the middle bar of his bike, and riding with his handlebars backwards. He really is a little stunt man!

Andy finally got a new bike! He's been looking for a new fixed gear bike for what seems like forever! He finally decided on a Wabi, and it arrived yesterday.

He showed me a few videos last night of bike tricks you can do on a fixed gear bike, like track stands and skidding, and several other things. I specifically told him NOT to show Drew. Before I made it downstairs this morning, Andy was showing the kids videos of bike tricks! I will not be taking Drew on a bike ride today - and will hope he'll forget what Andy showed him this morning.

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