Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time for a new one!

We had to get rid of our old swing set first thing this spring. It was our neighbor's old swing set, which he passed to us the first year we moved in here.  We figured it was free so why not? The kids used it for a couple years, but all last year it was home to several large wasp nests.  The kids have all been stung by a wasp at least once, and I would have to dodge wasps every time I mowed the grass by the swing set. It was time for it to go!

The box is the best part!
We looked around for several weeks, trying to decide if we should get a new one and which one to get.  I wanted to get a nice wooden play-set for the kids, but the ones that we could afford looked like junk.  Serious junk! The reviews were not great either. Andy found a Jump n Swing at Sears and thought it looked fun.  Fun, but I know the kids and I'm sure they'll turn it into something dangerous very quickly. 

Andy spent all evening putting it together, finishing the slide last.  They could not wait to try the slide!

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