Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From the Garden

The sweetest strawberries!

Strawberry plants can be expensive to buy, but once you've tasted a strawberry right out of your garden it is completely worth it!

I bought strawberry plants two years ago from Burpee, but I don't remember what variety.They came in a hanging bag, but the first year we had barely any strawberries. Those bags just don't work, unless you remember to water them several times a day. Even then, they probably just aren't the best way to grow fruit. I decided the strawberry plants should be planted, so I planted them in the ground in the fall and they survived. The next year they came up and were OK, but we still did not have very many strawberries. OK, so part of that was our one year old who LOVES strawberries, and he would pick and eat them white, leaving us with very few red berries. But this year, we have so many strawberries! They multiplied and are really taking off! They are also very sweet berries - no extra sugar needed! Yum! I expect we'll have a bowl each day at least this big for the next week or more - and that is not including the ones that never make it into the house and are eaten right out of the garden.

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