Sunday, May 22, 2011

Biking and Slip N Slide

We told the kids that they had to learn to ride their bikes this year. It was no longer a choice with gas prices so high. I'm hoping they'll become good enough that we can ride bikes to school next fall, at least when the weather is nice. Sorry Andy, but we WILL NOT be riding in snow or ice!

Drew could almost ride his bike 2 summers ago, but then last summer was crazy busy so we barely rode at all. A few weeks ago we took an old garage sale bike, cut off the pedals, and turned it into a balance bike. I saw an article about it someplace, and I've heard good things about balance bikes for small kids. It lets them learn how it feels to balance on a bike, but still be able to put their feet down easily and catch themselves if they need to. We had both the kids practice a few times on the balance bike, as well as Andy holding the seat while they pedal on their bike, and now they can both ride! They need some more practice getting started, stopping, and turning, but they will figure all that out with more practice! They can both get started when riding down the small hill by our house, but need some help when going uphill.

Of course my actual video camera was not charged, but I took a few videos with my camera.

They were hot after all that biking today, so we got out the Slip N Slide!

Unfortunately Alex broke it today, so we might be looking for a new one this summer. I bought this one for $5 at Target last year, and they used it quite a bit, so it was worth it. Are there any out there that last longer?


Billie Jo Henson said...

GOOD JOB on riding the bikes Faye and Drew! Oh memories of the slip n there any pics of mom flying down the slip and slide? You could probably do it, I on the other hand would need 3 people to assist me in getting back up!

Stephanie said...

Last year I had to show the kids how to use the slip N slide, but luckily Andy wasn't home to video tape that! I didn't injure myself, but I haven't tried it again either!!

mrs. fisher's findings said...

You have a great back alley! The kids will love to ride their bikes up and down there. And that slip and slide looks like a lot of fun! Although when I was little I had to get stitches because I tripped on a stake. ouch!