Sunday, May 29, 2011


Happy 11th Birthday to Velvet! 

I decided to make some cake pops for her birthday.  The kids LOVE them.  They are a little too sweet for me.  I made these with vanilla cake with vanilla frosting so Velvet could have one.  I may try them once more with chocolate cake and some vegan cream cheese frosting, and I'll probably prefer those. I dipped of few of these in melted Ghiradelli chocolate chips and sprinkled some coconut on top, which Andy seemed to enjoy, while complaining about how much sugar these contain. 

Present time!

She really didn't need anything for her birthday, so we just wrapped up some treats for her. She loves unwrapping presents!  Her favorite activity is going for walks, so we planned on taking her for a long walk for her birthday, but because of the weather that didn't work out. 

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mrs. fisher's findings said...

Aww, that's so nice you made your dog a cake pop!