Saturday, April 23, 2011

What we've been up to this busy weekend

Decorating a bunny cake...

The kids had so much fun decorating this cake. It was super easy to make and perfect for little kids. I did not use a cake mix, but instead made a vegan carrot cake from The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook that was delicious(we really love this cookbook, so many wonderful vegan recipes). Andy and I prefer it without any frosting, but the kids LOVE frosting, and to make a bunny you have to use frosting. They also love coconut, so the biggest challenge was getting them to decorate the cake before eating all the coconut. The floor was a mess, but they had fun - and you can actually tell it is a bunny!

The kids did not have school on Friday, and since it was raining, we decided to visit the Easter Bunny at the Marketplace Mall.

All of my kids are terrified of Santa Claus, but for some reason are OK with the Easter Bunny. Alex was a little leery, but he still got up there for a picture. He made that funny face the whole time though. The Easter Bunny gave all the kids bunny ears...

Alex didn't want to wear his bunny ears, but you can see him, or his blur anyways, running behind Faye and Drew.

Waiting for the egg hunt

He's ready!

There was an egg hunt this morning at Westside Park in Downtown Champaign. They separate the kids into age groups, so Alex was in the 0-2 age group, and Faye and Drew were in the 5-6 year old group. They let the parents help the little ones, so I helped Alex this morning. Unfortunately we weren't in the front, so we only got one egg, but he was thrilled with it! I was a little upset that some of the little ones had a whole basket full of eggs, when we were lucky, extremely lucky, that we found one, and there were some that didn't get any. Was it really the kids that were getting the eggs, or the parents? But either way he was happy with his two pieces of candy. Faye had the same luck as Alex, only getting one egg, but Drew managed to get over 10 eggs, so he shared them with his sister, with no complaints. They really CAN be such great kids sometimes!

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