Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Faye has her very first wiggly tooth! We were reading books before bedtime about a week ago, and Faye mentioned her tooth felt a little weird. I checked and sure enough it was wiggly! She has been waiting and waiting for a loose tooth since her friend Maddie from preschool got her first wiggly tooth. Almost daily one of the kids would ask me, "When are WE going to have a loose tooth?" Soon enough!

Drew is still waiting, and he doesn't seem too bothered by his lack of a loose tooth. I told him he was 7 minutes younger than Faye, so he may have to wait 7 days or 7 weeks or even 7 months for his first wiggly tooth. He seemed satisfied with that answer.

The very next day I started working on a tooth fairy pillow for Faye and figured I might as well make one for Drew too, as I expect he'll have a wiggly tooth very quickly. I searched online and found a few I thought were cute, and then set to work on them. They were very simple and easy, only took me about an hour to finish. The tooth is the pocket, and I also sewed a ribbon on the pillow so they can hang them from their doors. They both sleep really soundly, but I still don't want to be spending a long time searching through their beds for a tiny little tooth.

But what does the tooth fairy leave nowadays? I searched online for that as well, and the tooth fairly leaves anywhere from coins to about as much money as you can imagine. I read somewhere people were leaving $20 - $50 per tooth! Well, the tooth fairy that visits around here will leave $1 I think, or maybe some coins, or a pack of gum. Probably a different amount each time I would guess.

But what about a little trinket? Maybe some fairy dust in a teeny tiny glass jar? I remembered this from a blog I read, Pink and Green Mama, and thought it was just adorable and something my kids would love! It was very difficult to find tiny glass jars, but if you're ever looking, Hobby Lobby has them in the jewelry department.

Or some really tiny sea shells?

Maybe some tiny dried flowers in a glass jar (if the tooth fairy can find some)? I'll post a picture of Faye when she looses her first tooth. Its starting to get really loose, so maybe another week!

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Billie Jo Henson said...

Loosing teeth already? Didnt they just come in! lol
Thank you for the wonderful ideas. I love the tooth pillow and the idea of leaving different little treasures besides money :)