Friday, March 11, 2011

Paper Egg Diorama and new PJ's

I wanted to find an Easter egg project for the kids since we don't do the traditional Easter egg dyeing. Honestly I think that dyed eggs look so pretty, but to a vegan they are just so wrong. So wrong! I haven't bought or used eggs in almost 7 years now, and I don't think I ever will again. Its just creepy to me, and there isn't a thing I miss about eggs. But I still want my kids to have some holiday traditions, something they can look forward to doing each year.

I like the Family Fun website, and I usually find some great craft projects for the kids, so every holiday I check it out. I found these awesome Paper Egg Diorama's!

Faye's egg

My egg

Even the boys got involved in this project, although they haven't finished their eggs yet. They spent one night playing Wii while Faye and I worked on our eggs, so we finished a day ahead of them. I have to say it was one of the most fun projects I've made in awhile. Its probably not something you'd want to do with really young kids, as it requires a little bit of skill and quite a lot of time.

Crazy boys

Here's Faye working on her egg earlier this week. Notice her new pj's I made! They are Kimono style pj's, a pattern from Oliver and S. They have ridiculously cute patterns for kids, and I'd heard so many good things about this particular pattern I had to get it.

Faye making her paper egg

It took me awhile to finish Drew's pajamas as we had a busy couple of weeks, but finally his are finished! I made size 6 and they are a little big, but he'll grow into them.

Drew calls them his ninja pjs. How cute are they?!

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