Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's swim lesson time again!  I thought maybe Drew would enjoy swim lessons more with goggles.  He really hates putting his face in the water and getting water in his eyes.  Faye on the other hand will jump right in, not bothered at all by the water.  She loves it!

The first day of wearing goggles went really good for Faye. She spent most of the time under the water looking around. Drew put his face in a few times, but didn't act too excited.  After class I asked him about the goggles, and he said he had water in them the whole time.  Their class is 45 minutes long and he didn't tell me or his teacher!  Only Drew!  So the second class we tightened up the goggles, and I told him to please tell me or his teacher if there was any water in his goggles.  He went under the water several times on his own, even went diving for rings under the water.

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