Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wish I was here...

We're having a winter storm today in Central Illinois, with snow accumulation predicted at 10+ inches in the next two days. Right now it is sleeting and blowing. The kids have spent the day doing this:

They are all sick, so they've been lounging on the couch, watching movies and playing video games. Hopefully they will be better and back to school when this storm is over. Faye has been home since Thursday, and Drew since Friday. Alex and Andy got sick sometime over the weekend, but I'm still fine. I'll probably get sick once the storm is over, when it is least convenient of course.

Today I've been scanning old photos and uploading them to Flickr. We're thinking of putting all our pictures there, just in case. Andy has been worried that a flood (not sure why flooding is his biggest concern) will destroy his computers where our pictures are backed up. I'd be more concerned about a fire, especially after looking at the crazy wiring in our basement. Somebody who didn't know what they were doing sure had some fun with that.

Here is another photo from our honeymoon in Jamaica. Sure wish I was there right about now!


Karen said...

You & me both!!!

Billie Jo Henson said...

Aw I hope they are all better and that you get to pass on it this time! I also was thinking about you during the blizzard here because I know how much you HATE the cold and snow! I used to like it, but when trapped in it, not so much! My brother is in Cancun (since Mon) for 10 days, I was cursing him HAHA Love the honeymoon pics! Time sure flies