Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The jumper

A few years back we got a fish tank from Sarah, Andy's sister. I bought a stand and some supplies - filter, heater, gravel, etc., and then took the kids in to pick out some fish for their new fish tank. They liked it, but they've never been super excited about it.

I mostly take care of it, feeding the fish when I remember, changing the filter on occasion, and we've had surprisingly few fish deaths. The first two fish the kids picked out, a black molly and a Dalmatian molly both died. The Dalmatian molly died within a week, after having babies. The black molly (Mr. Fizzwizzle) lived for over a year, which is a fairly long life I've been told. Neither one of the kids really cared when the fish died, which was surprising to me.

Last year we picked out a few more fish, and Faye picked out one of those fish that eats the algae that grows in the tank. It may have been a catfish, I don't remember now. She named it Cleany. It was growing very large and seemed to be doing just fine, living a long life. But it must not have been happy! As I was mopping the floor one day, near the fish tank, I looked down and couldn't figure out what orangish/yellowish goo was on the floor. Upon closer inspection, it was Faye's fish. Gross! It jumped out of the tank!! I don't even know how this is possible, but somehow there it was, stuck to the floor. It was a jumper. We didn't tell Faye right away, as I thought maybe she wouldn't notice her fish missing, but she really did like this fish. She asked me one day where it was, and I finally told her.

She didn't say much about it at the time. Today the kids brought home some papers from school, writings and drawings they made at school the past few months. I found this:

Translation: One day or night my fish jumped out of the fish tank. His name is Cleany because he can eat grime. He was orange. He died when he jumped out of the tank. I liked him.

Awww. I think she was probably more upset about it than she let on. I do like her drawing though - you can see a little fish jumping out of the tank. Cute. And gross all at the same time.

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