Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are they blog worthy?

Why yes they are!


I found these shoes at Bergeners for $34 yesterday!!! I was so excited it was making me a little goofy, and the lady that helped me thought I was a little nuts, but she was smiling when I left so at least I gave her something to laugh about. You see, about 2 or 3 months ago, I actually bought these shoes in a moment of weakness. The shoes were on sale then, but they were still over $100 (originally $155). Way to much for a stay at home mom to spend on a pair of non-essential shoes! I loved them, especially since they are heels but feel like you are wearing running shoes. They are so comfy - seriously! But I kept thinking about how mad Andy would be, and how stupid it was to spend so much money, so I quickly returned them the same day.

So you can imagine how excited I was to find them on sale for $34 and in my size, which was one of the last pairs she had! If you need any new shoes - head to Bergener's as they have tons more great shoes on sale right now!

I also found this on sale, and I've been eyeing the patterns for quite some time!

New pattern

I haven't started sewing the skirt yet, as I have a lot of other things to finish first, but I'm excited to try it. If it works out, I'd really like this pattern. You can check out some photos of the finished dress here, as well as photos of the skirt. I absolutely love it! I just don't know if my sewing skills can handle something like that yet.


mrs. fisher's findings said...

That is a great deal! That's so funny how that worked out in the end. Are you going to MAM's Mom's Night Out this coming Wendesday?

Stephanie said...

My kids have Tumblebug class (and I run on the treadmill) on Wednesday evenings :( Seriously, sometime I'll be there though!

I just looked at the Sofft website and they are selling the shoes for $212! It was an amazing deal!

mrs. fisher's findings said...

Bummer. Oh well, we'll meet sometime! :)