Friday, February 4, 2011

100 Days!

Faye and Drew have been in school for 100 days today! Originally they were supposed to have a 100 day party and a field trip on Wednesday, but due to the winter storm, all that got canceled. The kids told me that they would have their party today. I asked them if they had a party and they said no, but they did do a bunch of 100 day activities. One of them was to write about what they would give/get if they had $100.

Drew wrote this today:

Translation: I would get my mom a flower. I would get my dad a video game. I would give Alex a train. I would give Faye a My Little Pony. I would give me Mario.

Awww!! He is the sweetest little boy! Its amazing that kids really know us so well, as those would make great presents for all of us! If you reread it again, you can really tell what he was saying, like Vido Gam for video game, Mi for my, and LD for little. His reading and writing have improved so much over just the past couple weeks!

Here is what Faye wrote:

Translation: I would buy with my $100 a robot arm for mom and dad, a pillow pet for Alex, a new car for Drew, and for me I would buy a coloring set.

They have learned so much in just 100 days! I'm a very proud mom, can you tell?!!

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Billie Jo Henson said...

Aw you should be proud, how sweet of them to buy something you each like and then something for themselves, AWESOME kids (great parents) :)