Friday, January 28, 2011

they're working!

My lucky lanterns are working!

I signed up a few months ago to receive a free Chrome notebook, otherwise called CR-48. Andy sent me the link, and while I figured I would never actually get one, I figured it couldn't hurt. I never heard anything back. Then yesterday, the UPS guy came knocking at our door. The only thing I was expecting was a roll of 5 1/2 yards of cream colored zipper(for my big project that is going to take me forever). This was a fairly large box, so I knew it had to be something else.

When I opened the box, I found a Chrome notebook. Completely unexpected!

The notebook is a pilot program. It is for those of us who 'live on the web', which is basically me. I check email, browse the web, blog, check Facebook, and that's about it. We're supposed to use the notebook and give them feedback. It looks like you can still sign up to get one, although you do have to realize this is not the finished notebook so there still could be some issues. Here is the link:

I think Andy was more excited than me. Another toy to play with - he couldn't keep his hands off it last night. We both noticed right away that we couldn't upload pictures. I would put in my SD card, and nothing happened. Apparently they really mean for this to be a web only computer. Or they haven't tested it enough so that is not yet an option. Andy switched the notebook from beta mode to developer mode(or something like that, you'll have to excuse my lack of computer knowledge here), and now it works.

Andy also showed me how to upload pictures I've taken with my Android phone to Picasa, and then I can use them in my blog. So maybe I have to do things differently? UGH! This is getting too difficult for me - I just don't get how it all works!!!

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mrs. fisher's findings said...

Wow! That's a fun deal! So when do you have to return it?