Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have had terrible luck, if you can call it that, in the past few days (and weeks and months), even though I made black eyed peas on New Years day.  I won't be doing that next year. I've also been making Lucky lamps hoping that will help, but so far they are not so lucky.  Alex dumped my coffee cup over onto several paper lamps I made - and they take a long time to make. But I think they are so freakin cute and worth the time spent!

I'm not really sure what I have planned for these, but I have a mini string of 20 lights and these will go onto the string of lights, with one light in each lantern.  I was up to over 10 lanterns, but the coffee spill destroyed at least 4 of them. Maybe my luck will change once I've finished.

My bad luck:

  • Dryer broke
  • Had to haul old appliance up basement stairs, over stove, and take new one downstairs - made my arms sore - Andy told me to work out more.
  • Picked out a new desk (very old restored desk), went to pick it up, and it was sold to somebody else even though it was promised to me.  I've been looking for something for months!
  • Washer broke.
  • Picked out a new washer with delivery, installation, and haul away of old one.  We ended up installing the washer ourselves, and hauling the old washer up the basement stairs, because they wouldn't do it - made my back sore.
  • Got new windows installed this week, only one of them shattered and we now have plywood covering the window until new window is made and shipped to Home Depot.  Could be two or three more weeks.
  • Checked my bank account and saw that somebody in Georgia spent all my money plus some at TJ Maxx.  Had to cancel debit card.
At least life is keeping me busy! 

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