Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Afternoons

Alex in the afternoon:

He doesn't sleep well at night - STILL! - so he takes a mega nap during the day. By mega I mean he is completely knocked out. I can put his coat on him, take him in and out of the car, lay him in shopping carts, etc. and he doesn't even stir. There are many days I don't want him to be sleeping, but once he is out, there is no waking this kid! Too bad this doesn't happen at night. I try to keep him up with no naps during the day so he'll sleep at night, but the second I put him in the car to pick up the kids from school he is OUT!

Drew after school(notice our new window!):

We've started letting the kids play video games on school nights(some nights not all of them), but only after they have done everything else, which includes practicing the piano, reading their books, cleaning up their room/toys, and getting ready for bed. He'll do anything if he thinks it will give him a chance to play games! He practiced for 30 minutes yesterday, without any complaining or squirming, which is very unusual for him. Drew is doing wonderful at reading too. He has really started figuring it out, and it is so great to see him excited about reading. He gets a huge goofy grin on his face when he reads a book to us. The kids bring home baggie books from school (3 books they choose in their skill level) each night, and they are supposed to read them for their homework.

Faye after school:

She loves to color and write(and read), so she spends most afternoons coloring or drawing pictures. Occasionally she will get a book out and read after school, but usually she saves that for when she goes to bed. Many nights we have to take her books away and tell her to get to sleep. She picked out a Junie B. Jones book at the library on Tuesday, and she read it in about an hour. Faye isn't doing the baggie books at school since they don't have any books in her skill level. Her teacher is working on getting her into an Accelerated Reader (AR) program, where she'll pick a book from the library and once she's finished she'll take a computer quiz to test her comprehension, and also write and draw about what she read. She took a quiz on the Junie B. Jones book and got 100%. Both Faye and Drew came home telling me about Faye getting 100% - Drew was just as excited as Faye(although he had no idea what 100% meant)!

We're all looking forward to spring, when we can all get outside, going for walks, riding bikes, playing at the park, and working in the garden. But until then, we'll stay busy inside.

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