Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today was the last day of basketball for Drew at the YMCA. The past 7 weeks he did not improve much - he would stand where the coach told him to stand and that was about it. He didn't play any defense, he didn't play any offense, and he stood and stared at us with a really scared/sad look. It was cute the first week or two, but after that it was a little embarrassing. He knows what to do, but he was just too scared to make a mistake. But today - I missed it! He almost made a shot, he got a rebound, and he had a steal! He came home with a trophy and some sugar cookies from his coach.

I'm a little sad it is over just as he is getting the hang of it, but I really won't miss the 8am Saturday morning games. Hopefully if he does this next year his games will be at 9am!

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