Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday mornings

I signed Drew up for fall basketball at the YMCA a few weeks ago. The sign up sheet said they would practice Saturday mornings for 30 minutes, with a game to follow. I figured that would work out great! I received the boys basketball schedule the Wednesday before their first game, and the Kindergarten boys practice at 8am! Every Saturday! UGH!! So no more sleeping in on Saturday mornings for me, at least for the next two months.

Drew was not thrilled about playing basketball at first, but both last week and this morning he seemed to enjoy it. He is completely clueless out there, but then he's not really into basketball yet. He doesn't watch games on TV or play basketball at school with his friends. He has started playing NBA Jam on the Wii, so he does have some idea of the game. He's got the running back and forth part down, and he stands where his coach told him to stand, but that is it. He doesn't move after that, makes no attempt to either get the ball or shoot the ball. After the first week of practice and their first game, I told him he could move around and he said he didn't know that.

The tall woman running around out there is Drew's coach. The other team's coach is also out there, and the referee also gets out there and helps the kids. If you can't tell, Drew is player 24 with the white jersey. He's the only kid wearing long pants - he had shorts on underneath.

The YMCA has also added a cheer leading squad to cheer on the basketball players. Perfect! Faye has been asking me about cheer leading since she found out her cousin Emma is a cheerleader. Since it is a new program at the YMCA, there are only 8 girls from K - 5th grades. The girls cheer for a different age group each week, but this morning they cheered on the Kindergarten boys! They do a little dance number at half-time, and it is adorable. I took a video of their routine last week, but it somehow didn't get saved. I was so mad - you have no idea how mad I was! It was so freaking cute! But they did the same routine this week, minus a couple cheerleaders. It wasn't the same as last week, but at least I have it.

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Billie Jo Henson said...

I love the videos! Thanks for sharing!