Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas decorations

Friday afternoon we decided to get out our Christmas decorations. Faye was very excited to help set the tree up and decorate. We have several sets of lights, LED lights, white lights, and those really big multi-colored lights. We liked the big lights, but as I was putting them on, one strand got very very hot, and the other stopped working. So we took these off and put up the LED lights. These were Faye's favorite lights; they are very bright multi-colored. We only had two small strands and it was not enough, so we took them off and Andy and Alex went out looking for another strand, but no luck. The only ones they found were over $20. Maybe we can get some at an after Christmas sale? Then I started putting up our plain white lights(my favorites anyways), and after getting them all the way on, I plugged them in, and they didn't work. I did check them before putting them on, but it was just our bad luck. The kids were waiting and waiting - it took us almost 3 hours to put lights on our tree, but finally we have some on that actually work!

It was so late from messing with the lights, we waited until Saturday morning to decorate the tree.

You can't see these decorations because they are right behind the kids, but they are on the tree. The kids decided we needed more decorations for the tree....

Faye worked on this Kirby for hours and hours. It is really huge. Who knew perler beads could be so much fun and have so many uses?!

Since they were all making decorations, I decided I'd try to make a garland I saw in Fa La La La Felt. The kids had fun helping with the beads, but it was too hard for them to roll the felt. It turned out pretty well I thought, but the photo isn't great.


mrs. fisher's findings said...

Looks like alot of fun, and what a great christmas photo! :)

mrs. fisher's findings said...

p.s.-are you going to the cookie exchange at MAM this Wed. night? I'd love to actually meet you someday.

Stephanie said...

We really should meet sometime! I won't be at the cookie exchange, but another time hopefully!