Thursday, October 28, 2010


Faye has been writing a lot lately. She wrote a poem this afternoon which was so sweet (I'll try to post it later - she has it in her room), and tonight she went up to her room and then came downstairs and gave me this..

She doesn't know how to spell all her words, but she sounds them out and writes what she hears. She just started writing about a week or two ago, so it is really exciting for us! I think she is doing great - and with all the practice they do at school she is really picking it up quickly! If you can't tell, this is what it says:

By Faye

My mom is best. She kisses me good night. I say I love you and she says I love you too. She hugs me good night. She crochets and she knits and makes me a costume. She is good why wouldn't(she) be good. I'm glad she let me to school.

Aww... isn't that so sweet. I think I need to find a place to keep these really special things from the kids. It's the first time she's really written anything for me - and it is just so sweet! I especially love how she tried to spell out crochet - cowshas.

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