Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Party

Today was the Fall Party at school and an early out day! At the beginning of the school year I agreed to be head room parent (party planner), and I was extremely happy to have some other great moms also agree to be head room parents! I was stressing a bit after I first agreed, thinking, "What did I get myself into here?" Then Ms. Curtis told me there were some other moms interested. Whew!! I was so happy I was not all on my own! We met a few times to plan the party and we came up with some really cute stuff!!

These little pumpkins were my favorite and so much fun to make! We scooped out the middle, carved them into mini jack-o-lanterns, then filled them with fruit salad (apples, strawberries, grapes, and oranges), cut a slit in the lid and put in a green spoon for the stem. The only drawback is that you really can't fit that much fruit into an orange, but we had plates for the kids and brought the extra fruit salad, so anyone who wanted more could have seconds. Drew told me he had thirds!

We also decided to make these banana ghosts. Aren't they adorable?

Banana ghosts

They are frozen bananas with a popsicle stick, then dipped in white chocolate with raisin mouths and mini-chocolate chip eyes. They looked really cute, but then after sitting out for a bit they started to get really funky. We tried to get them back in the freezer in time, but it didn't work. I really felt bad because they were so cute, and I really should have thought about this one more. We freeze bananas all the time to use in smoothies, and sometimes in the summer I give the kids pieces of frozen banana for lunch, and if not eaten right away they do get runny and mushy. So even if we could have got them back in the freezer right away, there was no way to transport them to the school.

We also had two games, a craft, and fall coloring pages for the kids. One of the moms made a ghost out of cardboard and painted it white, cutting a hole in the mouth. I made some little bean bags for the kids to throw - and the kids loved it! I didn't get a photo of the ghost, so I'm really hoping one of the other moms did, because it was so cute!

The other game we did was pin the face on the pumpkin. Drew just finished pinning the face on here - he did really good, but later told me at home that he could see through the blindfold. Cheater!! I made the blindfold so I guess it was my fault.

Pin the face on the pumpkin

Faye coloring

Pumpkins ready to be painted

Thanks to everyone that helped with the party and supplies, and also Thanks to Kai's family for donating a pumpkin for each kid to paint. They really had a good time painting them - it was a little messy, but I think it was worth it. One kid told me, "This is the best fall party ever!", and another kid said, "Kindergarten is the best!"

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