Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cabo the Cowboy

Jadon and Hallie recently adopted a dog from the rescue shelter. His name is Cabo and he is a French bulldog. I think he is around 7 years old. My kids started calling him Cabo the Cowboy. He was loving our bean bag chair!

He has to be the most laid-back dog I've ever met. If we ever get another dog after Velvet is gone (which we almost certainly will not), it would have to be like Cabo. He does make some strange noises, a weird snorting sound - Faye thought he sounded like a chicken, and Andy thought he sounded like a pig.

The craziest thing is this dog always has his tongue hanging out, almost as if he forgot to put it back in his mouth. Maybe he just likes it like that - but either way it looks really cute!

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